Just don’t call it a comeback!

I won’t even utter the words or phrase, cause as soon as I do, it’s jinxed. We’ll just say, I’m here.

Well over the Christmas break, just opened up Word and started typing, and 30 mins later I had nearly 3 pages of stuff that just came out of now where. A sense of peace came over me. I realized that writing and or blogging is very good therapy. It’s not a new years resolution, but I’m going to try to write again. Ill find the time somewhere, even if it’s 4:00AM in the morning or whatever.I can honestly say that I”ve missed some of you and you know who you are, and Im sure I’ll have a ton of toliet-blogging to catch up on. Some of you I’ve actually found myself thinking about you during the day. I never thought I would admit that, but it is the truth. It’s just goes to show you the power of words and more so the personalities that are displayed through them.Gonna try to new things up here as well.Be good and if you cant be good, be good at it!!!


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, about your absence…the test came back and you ARE the father. Her attorney will be in touch with you shortly.

    On a more serious note…

    Blogging is great therapy. Works out the kinks in your brain–mine is now almost completely smooth.

    Glad to have you back. I thought Spielberg may have had you wacked by the Hollywood Jewish Mafia to keep you from showing him up.

  2. Awwww Justin.

    Have you missed me at all??

    *bats eyelashes*


  3. *Stares at Heather’s Breasts*

    Heather, of course I’ve missed them err you.

  4. So glad to see you back! I do know how that goes. I have not even started blogging regularly, though, I did one time since the summer. I get ideas, but my mind doesn’t work like it used to. I can’t seem to remember things from one minute to the next, and I wonder how to combat that, other than writing down everything I am thinking.

    So, like you, I’ll just say that I’m here… in spirit.

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