Got A Stalker…

Yup… that’s right.. Your very own has a stalker. Oddly enough a male stalker at that. I mean I guess having a stalker elevates that ever-growing celebrity status of mine, but COULD I have at least gotten a crazy hot(would settle for semi-hot) girl.  But oh no I have Mr. NO Meds.. as in NO i’m not taking my meds anymore..

Thank God he’s pretty broke and cant afford text messages anymore, but this guy would send me 10-15 text messages before Lunch time. Little odd messages asking me what was I doing? why I hadn’t texted him yet? What I was doing later? And then he would call at soon as he got off work, non stop..just all the time. With Christmas break a few weeks ago, most of that has stop. Maybe he has found a new person to stalk. One could only hope.

So how does one acquire a stalker?, much like one acquires an STD, one mistake, one night, wrong person. Advice: NEVER GO eating at the Steak N Shake at 3:00 AM by yourself. So you know I’m eating a very late night snack, when Stalker Boy sits next to me. We take part in the art of nodding (you know UP if you’re black and DOWN if you’re white). So far so normal. Then a few mins later… it happen verbal communication. And before you know this guys was pretty much saying that he was just looking for other cool people to hang out with.  He looked young and harmless. I told him that once in a while I find time to head out or just hang. He liked the idea of us maybe grabbing a cold one sometimes and give me his number. I”m from the new school, I gave him my messenger name.(momma didn’t raise a complete fool).. Anyways longer story short, we made contact again soon after and I discovered that his guy was crazy, gay and off his meds.

After being told that I was” the one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, because we connected like no other two people have ever had” the alarms went off and it was time to escape. Some people just can’t take no, or hell no the right way. Even tried it in Spanish and Mandarin. Needless to say after about 3 weeks of avoided calls, blocked IM and no texting,  I think the guy finally got the hint. Once in a while he’ll find a way to block his number and I’ll answer unknowingly.

Just weird, I guess. Having someone slightly crazy over you, but in the wrong kinda way.

Have people become this desperate for human interaction? to be liked? for affection? Good Grief!!!


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  1. HeydidyouseeIcommentedonyourotherpost?

  2. LMAO… My God(yours too) that was pretty funny.. I see someone has previous stalking experience…ahem…

    Did you know you can lurk with the intention of stalking, and it’s not illegal.. yup.. You wanna be my lurker..

  3. I feel the urge to laugh, but I’m suppressing it, because I feel sorry for your stalker. Not that I don’t feel sorry for you, but its just that I’ve seen lots of people like that – people who have “stalker-like” qualities – and the main reason behind their stalkerness is mainly because they have no friends.

    On the funnier side, 15 SMSs??! lol. well at least u got someone who’s completely devoted to you in a creepy way hahaha

    nice to have u back man. by the way, i’ve moved blogs

  4. WOW!!! sorry to hear that. I have two stalkers in my lifetime. I didn’t learn the first time and caught another crazy. It can be scary and dangerous. Don’t take the fact that you are a strong man put your guard down on this loony. Crazy people have superhuman strength and WILL.

    BTW, can I be your lurker 2? you know there’s a thin line between stalking and lurking… 🙂

  5. Pink,

    You are the second person who has told me they had more than one stalker. You didn’t mention whether they were previous acquaintances or love interests or even lovers, but the other person I encountered was stalked by two different people who were complete strangers to her and to each other.

    She wasn’t a celebrity; she was just a normal person. She was attractive, but not stunning. She was reserved and not flirtatious. She wore modest clothing.

    Yet two different men decided they had to “posses” her as their lover.

  6. Wait, so I am supposed to nod down? Darn. All these years I’ve been wrong in nodding up. Or maybe I’ve been black all these years and no one told me. HA!

  7. TotalT,

    Haha yeah, just something I’ve notice among the years. Sometime is get confused to.

  8. Nope. Never had a stalker. Sometimes, though, I’ve had to back off from new friendships because I’d get the same vibes.

    Hey, how ya doing?

  9. Fuck, that’s creepy. There were kids at my school who would stalk us informally (just during school), but even that was bad enough. I’m really sorry about this stalker mess you’ve got. That is just…….damn. Scary. Haha I do love the way you write though…I especially love this line: “(you know UP if you’re black and DOWN if you’re white).” LOL!

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