Belated Blog Bday

Take that 4th grade English teacher who said I would never get alliteration. BOO YA

I just missed my Blog’s B-day a couple of days ago. It been a nice year 1 even with the hiatus.

So let’s summarize:


185 Views in 1 day was the max.

92 Posts


2919 Spam comments

84 Categories

5 Tags

I’ve met some incredible people and bloggers; Kevin, Dame, Heather, Sean just to a name a few.  (Pink and rkaber you guys aren’t on the blogroll yet..dont’ worry it coming) which leads me to my next comment.

I think it’s about time for an upgrade, a change. Stay Tuned..

So happy B-day Blog, Daddy J loves you..


4 Responses

  1. hrm… I’m going to move domains. Well. I’m leaving 25cents up, but I got a new domain. And expanding my horizons, so to speak.

    But happy bloggiversary! (i missed you, i did)

  2. Ahh Corinne, I did too. YOu have a special place in my blogging heart. Seriously you are one cool and awesome girl/person. Keep me posted with the move.


  3. How you gon’ upgrade
    What’s higher than number 1
    You know you used to beat that block
    Now you be’s the block

  4. (I’m getting in touch with my black roots.)

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