3 Degrees of Joel Osteen

I’m a firm believer that certain things happen in three. Normally Celebrities die in 3’s(i’ll research that later). I’ve recently got my 3 Degrees of Joel Osteen. While at winter break I was reading in Details about Joel Osteen’s new book. The Better You, it was mentioned randomly in some article about self improvement and mention how it got an initial print of 3 million. A few issues later in another Details(catching up people), in th Power issue, they listed him in the top 50. Blah blah about having the largest church in America 40K+, saving souls in what used to be the Houston Rocket’s Dome.

So the next day I’m walking around the house at night, trying find a late night snack and I pass through the living room and guess who’s on on the TV…Mr. Joel Osteen is being interviewed by Larry King. Oddly enough I watch the few moments of the interview and went back to my little cave.

Lastly a few nights later my grandma is watching TV, and you’ll never believe who was on the TV.. Joel Osteen. Yup preaching the message to the thousands of people in attendance, and the millions at home.

So what is God trying to tell me? Do I need to buy his latest book, do I need to sit down and actual watch a complete telecast of his sermon. I am surely not sending this man any money, don’t you worry. But it jus strikes me as odd, how all this Osteen sorta poped up at th moment. Has anyone out there read the book yet?


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  1. I’m afraid that, until I read your blog, I had never heard of this gentleman – will this be a case of ignorance being bliss? Do things really happen in threes? If we believed this to be the case, we would have to believe that a force was at work to do this. What force would that be and, more importantly, what purpose would it fulfill? If, however, we believe that such coincidences do occur from time to time, then we should accept them as just that – coincidences. Certainly not as guideposts for life. If you believe in God, which you appear to do, then there is probably enough in the Bible to guide you anyway. All the best!

  2. thanks for your honesty … i appreciate an honest writer … you might like to look at this online magazine. there is an article about Joel Olsteen.
    A Word Fitly Spoken Magazine

    or if html is not set:

  3. Oscarandre,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. You make an excellent point. I agree there’s enough guidepost in the Bible to last a lifetime.

  4. Justin,
    I am working my way through his book and it’s pretty good. Give it a shot!


    (Are you dead from shock now?)

  5. I surrender J. Osteen.. I surrender…

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