MLK Jokes

Here’s a list of all the jokes I received on MLK Jr. Day. Some require setups..

Well yesterday, on Monday, I ventured to school(YES SCHOOL, the FILM SCHOOL stops for no one) and I was greeted by one of my fellow classmates, while walking down a long hallways with editing suits.

Sylvia:” Morning Justin, today I just wanna say black people are beautiful”.

Me: I”m handsome everyday


David: Justin, why are you here, it’s MLK Day, bro

Me: Its MLK day everyday, when I look over and see your God-awful face sitting next to me. Thank YOU intergeration


Tom(Last name is Washington): Dude, it’s MLK, go home..

Me: Do you go home for Presidents Day?

Tom: Huh? I don’t get it

Me: That’s why we are in school today, so one day you will…


Phone Call: Vanessa(Hispanic): Don’t you think it’s ironic, that because of a black man, that all the white people have off today, and all the black people have to work?

Me: LOL…good point

Another friend who is a teacher back in NC also calls.

Chris: Hey man, thanks for the day off, kids are driving me crazy.

Me: Yanno, I read the “I Have Dream” speech, in the 6 grade, you do know I’m not the real MLK. Jr., nor am I related

Chris: Oh.. Right. Thats sorta disappointing. Now what reason do I have to like you?

Me: Do you want me to list the reasons why I dislike you. Cause I could

That about sums it up. Over and Out.


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