Collecting Coke Caps

Coke Caps

I’m known as the Coke Cap Guy at school,(gosh people do have to name everything). I’ve been collecting Coke Caps for several months now. What once started off as a selfish observation and goal to rack up on goodies has turned into a volunteer effort that’s catching fire. I am now collecting Coke Caps for the homeless. I use the points to to buy t-shirts that will go to shelters. I’ve been donating about 80-90% of all my points to this cause. I’ve kept 15% to get myself little keepsakes like a key-chain and cap, but I’m over that stuff now.

We go to school on a Coke Sponsored campus, which makes this process a little easier(All the drinks are COKE). It was this fact and the fact that all we seems to drink on set it Coke, that I decided to capitalize on this cola mine. Well if we are going to drink it, and the caps are going in the trash, might as well make the most of it.

Each cap with worth 3 point.

12-Pack box lids are worth 10 points

24- Pack box lids are worth 20 points

The only catch with the website, is that you can only enter 10 codes a day. So the we can earn as little as 30 points a day, and upwards to 200.

The cheapest T-shirts have been running at 160 points. Coke changes the products and there is a limited stock on some items, but we are trying our best.

So if anyone would like to send me Coke Caps/Or Box Lids I would deeply appreciate it. If you drink Coke Products(Coke, Powerade, Lemonade, Dasani, etc) regularly and can muster up a decent stash, I’ll be willing to pay for shipping. If you but them by the 12 pack, you it’ll be easy to drop the code in an envelope. So please anyone interested in helping, please let me know.

Update: 2/22/08–I still need more caps/boxes..


5 Responses

  1. do you have a deadline for this. In my house, we drink soda in waves…. Either we drink a ton of it, or we drink not a drop. Currently we are drinking Pepsi products, but I could just as easily get Coke. We drink cans by the fridgepak (if we are drinking).

    I’ve been saving the pop top thingys from cans for my nephew… I think there is some program at his school, but not sure what it is.

  2. If you’re that desperate, I can FedEx you some coke caps haha.

    I know someone who collected the tabs from coke cans. She made a necklace out of them. lol

  3. DM,

    There is not time limit. Yes Fridgepacks would be great (10 points each) The Code is located in the part that tears open.


    Hey man, I’m not that desperate. This is a slow ans steady race for the homeless.

  4. im doing it or the people with cancer

  5. Wouldnt it be easier to have them E-mail you the codes instead of having them ship it to you… All you need is the codes… Unless you have some weird fetish for bathing with coke caps or something… Have fun. I keep my coke caps for a site called where you can give and get free stuff using online credits which can be earned by inviting friends or listing items you don’t want. If you want some of my many caps than feel free to sign up and bid. Use the link below if you’re interested.

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