You Write, I Direct, We make a Movie

Open Call To Writers

Here’s you chance to have your work seen on the big screen and possibly sent out to National Film Festivals.

I’ll make this as concise as possible. I am graduate student at FSU’s Film school and I am doing an open call for a short film script. I am granted 3 short films over two years and a possible 4th. I wrote and directed my very own first short and I’m over it. I am really not interested in writing and directing my own work. Similar this is how the real Hollywood system works.

The Basics:
The film will be 6 and a half mins
The film will be shot on 16mm
All topic/subjects are game, nothing is off limits.
You will be credited with writing or co-writing*
Early submission Deadline is March 30th.

Other things to remember:
Locations: Just about anything is possible; soundstages, forests, rivers, beaches, office, schools, houses, etc so let the your creativity rip.
Script- don’t worry too much about format and knowing how to write a screenplay or a short, those are things we can fix. The general rule of thumbs 1 page = 1 min. But that’s not to say the script can be longer or short.
Shooting: We will be shooting this May/June with a local Aug. Screening, then onward to festivals.

If you need more information/have questions please contact me at or if you already have work that you would like to submit, please send it to:

This is not an all or nothing submission. Should I receive an idea or concept that I really like, there can and will be a collaborative effort to develop something awesome.

Also please spread the word to fellow writers, friends or anyone that might seriously be interested. This is going to be fun and exciting.




5 Responses

  1. ooooh. if i manage to write you a something, does this make up for how i haven’t posted in ever?

    and btw, I changed my blog to — I stopped updating 25cents.wordpress, can you change that on your sidebar? thank you!

  2. nice try. wonder how many you can get this way. best of luck to you

  3. Hmmmm

    You KNOW I need to do something with this….
    Wheels are turning…turning….


  4. Corinne,

    It’s cool for not posting, really. We are all busy. Yes i saw you moved. YAY for you. I will update my postings.

    Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope I get a few good potentials. From days one I’ve said i want to write and direct…just not my own stuff.

    Turns those wheels. HAHA.. you never know.

  5. Justin I’ve emailed some work, i hope you choose mine.

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