Mariah Mania

For those that don’t know I’m a huge Mariah Carey Fan.. I mean MEGA Huge. It’s because of her that I found music. Back when I wasn’t allow to listen to secular music, it was her Hero that broke that barrier and eventually convinced my mother, to me have my 1st album…

I fell in love with the voice before I ever saw MC. One day in subway I heard the most addictive songs(Dreamlover) and I begged my mother to take me to subway for weeks in hopes of hearing the song again. One day, I was coming in the door and was flipping the TV up to the cartoon network and to get to channel 31 you had to pass channel 29 which was MTV, one of many stations I was not allowed to watch and well you’ll never guess what happens. I stop on channel 29 because well I hear the song I had been hearing in Subway for weeks and I was finally able to put a face and name to the song and voice. The Angel was Mariah Carey…(The Fanaticism was born!!!)

With more trips to Subway, the radio began playing Hero and out of the blue my mother, for the 1st time in her life, commented on a song, and said it had a good message. My eyes lit up and jumped on the life alternating chance at hand. After explaining and tons of begging. My mother finally agreed to buy me the cassette of Music Box, and the rest is history..

I can’t tell you how many books and projects I have done while listening to the amazing voices of MC, and when the world got tough for me, her music was right there to comfort me.

Today is a good day(although I have class for 13hrs today) because she released her latest studio album; E=MC2.

Shameless Plug: Mariah is only 2 #1 Singles from tying with the Beatles, and one week away from surpassing another Elvis record; the most weeks spent at the #1 postion on the Hot 100, with 79 weeks if she holds on to #1 again this upcoming week.

Now please excuse me while I float away in musical bliss. Thanks Mariah!!!!

I promise this time I will only buy 2 copies..


3 Responses

  1. You are the true definition of a “Fan”, which is short for fanatic. Love your passion!

  2. I feel sad, because your mother sounds like a Puritain. Some people commit suicide with parents like that. I thought I would put my two cents in. I constantly snap at my mom, and shes a liberal christian. I still cant get over the fact that she raised me christian! Most of the anger I feel now is because i feel as if I have been lied to. I cant convince you to think for yourself, but I will tell you this, any religion that tries to restrict what music you listen to, is not a good religion.

  3. Bria,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Your comments add a lot.

    No my mother isn’t a puritain. She was just really concerned about what I was exposed to a young age. I understand where she was coming. Now a days with 8 year olds being exposed to more drugs and violence and sex than ever before, young America needs some censorship.

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