Contacts…The Death of Me..

I have a mild form of Ommetaphobia, which by definition is the fear of eyes. While, I don’t fear them, I fear sharp things going into them, especially mine. This phobia has never prevented from doing anything. So I wouldn’t say this “fear” has anything control over me, it’s perhaps just given me a quirk.

When I”m walking, if i see a lot of sharp objects, I sorta tense up. I just fear that i’m going to fall and puncture my eye. Modern arts places can be sorta creepy to me and I have a problem with name tags lying around with the pin sticking up. I normally walk by and snap them together. You can’t even begin to visualize the near fit I had when watching Kill Bill, and seeing Uma Thurman, cut out someone’s eye in slightly graphic detail.(I hate you Quentin T.)

I think because you only have two eyes, and there’s no replacing them, that I’m slightly worried about damaging my eye, or losing my eye sight. You know you just can’t put a cast on a eye and expect it to heal in 6-8 weeks.

All of that, leads me to my purpose of the post.  I am got, contacts, Me, me of all people.  Me the guy with the eye phobia, with contacts..the irony. So get this, of all things. Unlike most people, who struggle to get the contacts in the eye, I struggle more, with getting the contacts out of my eye. I have had assistance from other people for days.  I have a hard time removing them because, I thought I would rip my eye open trying to pinch the contact out. I have to get up an extra 30 mins, just to have to “CONTACT TIME” in the bathroom.  Before leaving the office, the optician said I would have to take them out and put them in. I told her, I hope she had all day. Let’s just say an empty box of tissues and 45 mins later, she removed my contacts for me. It was partly her fault. In an attempt to show me how it’s done, she scratches her eye. IN FRONT OF ME.. She had to audacity, to tell me to keep trying…

These little buggers are perhaps the greatest and worst optical invention all at the same time. A few times, I have gotten the contact in, and because the Optical God’s need a good laugh, I put the contact in backward. SO not only do have me struggling and literally crying to get the contact out, once I do,  I now have to put the contract BACK IN AGAIN..(I am not kidding you)…

I know, what you are thinking, just get glasses.. Had them long time ago..  I can’t now, not with film school. Eye has to be on eyepiece..

That was two weeks ago. I am now a little more equipped with my contacts. I still struggle some mornings, but at least I don’t freak out about something going straight for my eye, and I no longer fear of scratching my eye removing them.  Do I still have a the phobia, ohhhh you bet.. But I have gotten over the fear of contacts and something touching my eyeball. Feels good to tackle a fear and emerge successful, on some level. Challenge yourselves people!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Ok then… Ive got a really bad fear of having sharp things puncturing my eye and when im sleeping i cant help bit thinking theres a person going to drop a pencil or something like that into my eye… Ive got omettaphobia too?

  2. Im so glad that Im not the only one having omettaphobia!! Do you know the reason for this phobia? Cause I know mine!!! I saw a lady with ONE eye, when I were 5 years old..This started the whole shit. I got sick everytime anyone did talk about eyes and stuff x ) And I’ve never seen kill bill because I’ve heard about that scene you are talking about there!!! and there is more movies I haven’t seen because of that I have heard about eye-scenes in them : ( Its stupid because I know they’re all good movies.

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