Record Breaking May…

Indy 4 came within 2 million of breaking the Memorial Day Record, Gas Prices hit an all time average High Record, and you know what else… I hit an all time record on my blog

Someone just had their best month ever in the blogging world…Me

Yup that’s right, I hit an all time of 3,020 hits. Destorying the old record of 2400 a few months ago.

I also had the an all-time weekly high of 727 hits.. WHOO hooo..

I would like to thank you all for hitting and reading the blog. If I can’t inspire you, motivate you, or cause you to think about something differently, then I hope that you can at least get a bit of amusement out of some of my postings. I’m in the mood for some blogging, so hit me with suggestions, if you have them.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations dog, you must be doing sumtin right! One reason I think peeps is reading is cuz you bring it def and direct with zero half-steppin’

    As far as post suggestions, could you maybe touch on the trifling ass chicken heads who think their stuff don’t stink. These hoes want to drain your wallet and bleed you dry man. What is going on with these birds?

    Also, maybe you could write sumtin about that jacked ass McDonald’s on Capital Circle in Tallyville. They do not even have soap in the washroom. The fries is always too salty and undercooked and the meat taste like cow rectum (not that I know for sure what that tastes like).

    Anyways J-dig – keep it real holmes

  2. Hey!

    No worries man, Im new to this bloggin thing, and I must admit Im quite glad someone is reading, makes it seem all the worth while.

    Will keep u posted if u keep reading? lol!


    p.s. thanks for the kind words lol.

  3. And Congradulations on your all new hits record!

  4. Hey man, thanks for your comments, yeh your rite, bros before hos, and as i say theres nothing i can do about it.

    Im not sure if they would hit it off (if anything were to happen)? it would be a question of hu wud use and abuse hu?

    lol im worried, cos theres gonna be alchol involved, and hu knows wats gonna happen.

    wat u rekon?


    p.s. I no how to link in my posts but not how to tag, could you tell me how do i “tag”? and im glad ive inspired someone lol!

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