Perverted Old Man License

You know here at film school it get to work with a wide range of people, from all kinds of backgrounds and all walks of life. Everyone from precious 7 years olds to middle aged men going though their mid life crisis. This past weekend I got the chance to work with an elderly man of about 72, a PERVERTED elderly man of about 72.

Now the things that came out of this guys mouth would at times, blow you away. You usually think of older people being very sweet or mean/grumpy (grumpy old men anyone).

Here’s a few for your reading pleasure. (PS be sure to insert the creepy “heh heh” after all them)

Wow, now there’s a girl that deserves to have her A$$ grabbed.”

I wish you would introduce me to your mother, I’d love to show her some Christian Authority.”

[while obtaining a temporary membership to the YMCA Gym]
Since you are responsible for me while I’m here, If I raped 5 of these girls, then YOU are responsible right?”

Do you want this to be the Full Beaver shot? Do ya?

Of course most of us stopped and laugh these things, if nothing else because of shock. But there’s a line between old and perverted. For some reason old people can get away with saying the most outlandish things. Just stuck in the “old ways” or do older people say things because they can? How do old people get away with the things they say… One has to think that, once in a while, someone would correct an old person, and call them out on their tactlessness, but I”ve rarely seen it done.

I can’t wait until 50 years from now, when I get my Perverted Old Man License. By then things will have changed so much, and the language will be different. Who knows what I’ll be saying.

Anyone have any old people stories or experience, please share..


5 Responses

  1. i don’t have any old people stories but i get what you mean haha.

    being young i can’t get away with a lot of things but the older you get the more things you can get away with haha.

  2. Justin,

    I’m only 71, not 72. I was pretty sure I told you that.

  3. Wait.. KEVIN… you’re back, and with a new site… WHOA..

  4. Struggling to find my voice there J. I’ll figure it out. Or I’ll go back to my old sites. Or I’ll move to a commune in Siberia. Or maybe I’ll go to film school. We could room together.

  5. Tag, you’re it.

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