I Heart Hurricanes

No NO really I do. I’ve been waiting for a decent Hurricane to hit ever since I moved to FL. We received 0 last year, up here in the Panhandle, which by the way did I mention is really more like South GA, as far as weather goes( it snow for about 5 mins last year).  The Hurricane season is reaching it’s peak and things are finally starting to get exciting again.  Tropcial Storm aka Boomerang Faye actually came up the coast and hit Tallahassee..WHOOO..  I know it was only a tropical storm, not a true hurricane and we only got 3 days of rain, but some decent flooding.

In fact is flooded so much that some of my classmates were on the Weather Channel and, actually had to stay with me for about 7 days. Hi JOHN CONTORE… Yes I can now add ” Shelter to Refugees to the list of my chariable work for the world.

Anywho, with Hurricane Ike is already a Cat 4 with a few more days to go, before it his the lower part of the peninsula (some where around Miami), people are all in a flutter here. They don’t know where is will go after that, maybe up the coast to Tallahassee.. Old Hurricane Hanna is headed for my home, in the Carolina’s.. Moms not ever at at worried.. We’ve seen and experience our fair share of Hurricanes.. believe me.

I know, I’m crazy, I’m sick, think of me as a current day radical Storm Chaser.. just without the ummm chasing.. I’m more of a wind guy myself. Something about high winds excite me. I’ve never been a big fan of Hurricane parties but they can be rather interesting esp when people from the far North, or Midwest are going through their first hurricane…. Precious…

So YEAH… bring on the STORMS.. and go Noles..


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  1. Weird as it sounds, I too, love to watch hurricanes when they come. The rushing wind goes through me and it’s the universe. It brings it home to me that we are infinitesimal in the cosmos.

    I remember going to the Jersey shore on a Friday night and stayed there, right on the boardwalk, watching the waterline rise and waves crashing. I was single then and stayed there all night long…well, up to 3 or 4 am.. forgot which. I did that two times that year… they just happened to come on a weekend and I was able to get down there…. Unbelievable.

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