Out of Gas…

Hi all, 

Well some of you may have read about, or experienced the recently gas scare with Hurricane Ike, and the shutting down of the refineries in Texas.  Well I am here to inform you all that my city, Tallahassee, FL has ben affected the worst by this.

We did make National News, from Yahoo and the Associated Press, about the prices that some of the gas stations hit here in Tally. Some places going as far as 5.50 per gallon of gas. You can read the entire article here. Hurricane Ike felt from a far.. 

But unlike most please around the US that suffered from this scare, we haven’t recovered yet. WE BARELY HAVE ANY GAS in the city. Seriously each day, there are maybe 3-4 gas stations across the city that have gas for a couple of hours if at all and then that’s it. They only have regular Unleaded(so if you have a luxury car that “requires” Premium, you are out of luck. Most of my classmates are riding on fumes, and will not be attending class because they can’t.  I need to take a picture, but all of the stations remove their prices from the signs and wrap all of the tanks in yellow caution tape.  Apparently if we don’t get gas soon, we will make national news again for this fiasco most likely rioting will ensue.. 

For once I wish i was exaggerating. This is absolutely insane. Even the big boys such as Sam’s Club and Costco, can’t get gas the city to the consumers, how can the BP’s Chevon’s do it. 

I personally just so happen to fill up last Wed before this, just on the whim, that well I needed gas. I am bless to have done so, but my tank in my car(I love my Honda), is only but so big. It’s scary to actually see how dependent we have become on gas, and how big is plays a part in our every day living.



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