Don’t Complain about FOOD COST: WENDY’s

Ok so… I went to Wendy’s today to get a little food. I like Wendy’s, it’s on the few fast food places that I like to eat, mostly because I can get a decent sized grilled chicken sandwich, a baked potato and a low calorie drinking option for a decent price. But I’m not here to praise Wendy’s,  I’m here to inform you how unpractical, and unreasonable some of their practices are, well just mainly one, but I’m sure they have more…

I dined in, ordered my usual order(see above), and after my meal, was tucked away in the bottomless pit I call a stomach, I went back up to get a re-fill. I told the guy what I had to drink and handed him my cup, without the lid. Instead of him taking the cup and re-filling my drink, he grab a completely brand new cup, and new lid only to give me the same drink again. There was no need for him to waste another cup, wasting paper and plastic in the process.

The reason why this sorta bothers besides the fact that it’s wasteful and bad for the environment, is that I know soon then later, Wendy’s is going to raise the prices of all is items on the menu, to cover OPERATING cost. Well guess what Wendy’s you are the one that’s causing your own demise by, giving customers another cup for a refill on a drink. How SILLY… what is my CUP contaminated? To many germs.. WHAT?

Good Grief..


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  1. You know, I was against what you were saying about the whole cup issue. I see it as a cleanliness thing. Maybe because you gave him an open cup is why you got a whole new one?

    But I see what you are saying. You are dead on!! They probably will raise their costs because of such acts.

    And another thing…watch these fast food places start to charge customers for those dips…the bbq dip, honey mustard, etc. Those days are coming upon us. They aren’t ketchup and mustard packs.

  2. Interesting observation. I wonder if that is a Wendy’s rule or some sort of food regulation, just like at a buffet, you have to always start with a clean plate. You are not allowed to bring back your dirty plate and refill it.

  3. If it were the ‘buffet rule’ as suggested, then that would mean all the restaurants where you refill your own cup would have to follow the same rules, not just Wendy’s.

    When I worked at McDs during my high school / college years, we had to ask the customer to remove their lid before we could refill their cup. This is standard practice at most places.

    I noticed the same issue at the Wendy’s here in Texas. They threw my cup away and got me a new one, new lid and refilled it. If I had 2 refills, it would have wasted 2 extra cups…

    I just found this site because I actually Googled ‘Wendys raises prices’ and this site came up. My local Wendy’s raised the price of nuggets and chili another 10 cents. Now, nuggets are $1.09 and a small chili is $1.29.

  4. Soooo it’s weird that I came across this because I had a Wendy’s nugget in my mouth right when I read the title. Anyway, I work at Wendy’s and I think the whole cup thing is stupid as well, it’s not a big deal to me to reuse a cup in fact I would rather not waste something that doesn’t need to be wasted.

  5. Oh and it is a Wendy’s rule, we’re not allowed to reuse the cups….I was never given a good reason why but I’ll try to find out. And the 5 piece nugget is no longer on the dollar menu!

  6. Mary and Movie Wacther thanks for visiting the blog.

    Yeah I remember the MC’D and lids, i can totally understand that. But it still blows my mind to see Wendy’s wasting a cup or two for a refill.

    Anyone else out there, have any more eccentric observations from food places.

  7. I’ve probably gone to Wendy’s at least once a week over the past 5 years missing a week here and there. There’s a number of ways they could cut costs. The biggest wastefulness is in the packaging. The side salad always needs it separate bag for some reason. I asked them once when going through the drive thru if they just give me the food with no bags and they refused. Also their salad dressings are the same size for side and meal with the exception of caesar. There are also other times when they give me a lot of extra stuff I don’t need- napkins, utensils, crackers (with the chili), etc. I guess they figure it saves time not having to ask the customer if they need it but all these little things add up.

    End result- menu costs have skyrocketed. Still a good deal but my 99 cent salad three years ago is now as high as $1.59 in some places. Their chicken wraps are 20-30 cent higher than BKC’s and MCD’s. And since I’m not a cheesefan I often get a regular ol junior hamburger. That cost me $1.19!. Again relatively speaking it’s still cheap but compared to others it’s way overpriced. Why I could get two White Castles for that price.

  8. I just went to Wendy’s today and yes the same thing happened to me. the second time i got a refill was sort of to make them aware that some customers dislike the refill new cup thing. i nicely demanded a refill with my own cup. and i got it.

    when i used to work at a fast food place i would ask the customers to remove their lid. I figured i should remove myself of the liability issue that could arise. when large companies change their systems it is usually because someone sued.

    when you go to Walmart now you will see two of their staff standing uselessly on the exits and entrances of the movator. why? apparently something happened and someone sued.

    I dont think the EPA is going to be too happy about this. the fast food waste is already pretty bad.

    anyways i found this pretty interesting video this morning and i just thought i should share(link below)

  9. It is a rule leave poor Wendy’s alone. Most states’ Health Department rules and regs say you can’t take items (yes your dirty nasty germy cup), touch it with their clean gloved hands and fill it and hand it back. Keep your mouth shut or they will stop giving out free refills. It is totally just a rule they have to follow. This same rule applies for you morons who think it is ok to hand the drive thru girl your used cups from Mickey D’s from last week cause your too lazy to find a trash can that doesn’t involve a drive thru window!

  10. Well Wendy Thomas (clever I like that).. Thanks for stopping by my blog. IN Defense, if it’ STATE wide Health Department issue then why isn’t BK, MC’D, KFC, or TB doing the same. I understand the health concern, but it’s still very wasteful. If wendys stops giving free Refills, it’s their lost on on business.

  11. Many fast food restaurants just put the soda fountains where the customers can get to them. That way the customer can get their own refill with the same cup over and over without wasting a new cup and lid every time.

    Why doesn’t Wendy’s just do this?
    It’ll save time waiting in line for a refill and cut back on wasted paper and plastic.

  12. Hi,

    I have noticed the same thing.

    A few Wendy’s in my area once had fountains that you could refill your own drink, then they remodeled and were gone.

    This is a not a health department issue–but it is some response to litigation, much like Subway not serving peanut butter cookies anymore (because someone bought one who was allergic to them). It is the age-old problem of solving a problem by eliminating Free Will. The solution is easy: if an employee feels the cup is not clean for a refill, he/she may refuse refilling the cup. If a customer thinks it is not a clean practice, the employee can state that it is as clean as it would be in the average home.

    Common sense should prevail, and we should all be vigilant supporters of common sense. We don’t throw away our glassware or mugs when we go to our kitchen for a refill, do we?

  13. Why do you goto Wendy’s or that disgusting subway anyway..? The food is terrible! I just had chicken cutlet on a roll from a German style deli for $6.00, it had far more chicken than a Wendy’s and forget about the quality there is no comparison. The sandwich came with a small macaroni salad chicken and salad all cooked & prepared on premises. Add a drink & it is 7.00. that is the same price of a combo meal at Wendy’s. Why would anyone choose these terrible fast food chains??? Perhaps you all live in places that does not have real quality delicatessens. Seems to me that most of America really eats poor quality food. I can’t believe that so many of you are complaining about refills..?? Most of you are probably fat yet you are guzzling soda & want refills on already huge quantities of soda. Look at the size of the cups they provide; what are they 16, 20, 24 oz.??? This all the sign of a pig society that buys everything according to price & quantity ratio; quality is rarely a consideration in the USA.

  14. This is not “necessarily” more costly for Wendy’s. I’ve noticed that Wendy’s will refill a plastic cup, so the issue is not germs. I asse that Wendy’s is designing and manufacturing a wax paper cup that has thinner paper and less wax, and is therefore only designed to last for one serving of drink. Multiple refills in the same cup could create a leak in the bottom of the cup. If only a small percent of customers get refills, the cups could actually be saving Wendy’s money.

  15. First of all, i work at Wendy’s. It is standard operating procedure to refill only the plastic cups. Why? I cannot tell you. I’ve asked the managers and even they dont know. As for price cost, it is not a big deal at all. In fact, McDonalds no longer has a 5 piece nugget for $1 it is only a 4 piece. All resteraunts are raising price. As for the wraps, they are made with the same chicken as the bigger premium sandwhiches, and they chicken cost more than it would for a Mcdonalds wrap (sister works there). I dont know why we cant refill a paper cup. Though most Wendy’s should be converting to new CocaCola machines in the future where the customer refills the cup, or atleast all of the new ones, and stores being remodeled. Thanks

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