A change, a release, that’s what I Pray

Seeking God, to mold me like Clay

Been so stressed, I swear my hair should be Gray

Please Baby, Please Please won’t you  Stay

Sorry don’t think so, not even if you  begged with Pay

Sure it’s been the coldest month of May

Your vicious words you used to Slay

My personality, my spirit now at Fray

Took me too long to see through you like an X-ray

You crushed my spirit, like a bud in an Ashtray

I won’t allow it, for me to Betray

Myself and watch my essence Decay

You can try really hard to make me Sway

You say yes, but I say Nay

Look in the mirror, do you like what you Portray

Keep distance and remain at Bay

Said I wouldn’t leave, cause you were a good Lay

The way you acted,  was well “kinda sorta “f#ckin’ Gay”

Its True, that love caused me to Delay

Now its over, and its Okay

And all this anger, frustration and hurt will soon just Flay

I grin, I smile, cause it’s a new Day

But I need to do my own thing, to get out and Play

What more can I do, what can I Say

Chalk it to life, but I’m walking Away


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