I Must Blog..

I need to write, I have to, I want to. It’s a matter of life and death, both career wise and personally. Writing, like running or swimming only gets better with practice. It’s a sport, the art, the craft, and when it doesn’t get attention it fades likes today’s err yesterday’s trend.

I always told myself that my blog would never be devoted on one thing, and nor was it going to be an online diary. What write to about.. my blog has never been extrememly well focused, and while it never suffered from an identity crisis, I can’t help to think that maybe it’s time for an overhauling.  I don’t want to start fresh, but I need direction.

While I think about this, I guess I’ll just catch everyone up. There’s been a lot going on, last coulple of weeks of film school, a vacation, I moved to L.A., I Intern at NBCUNIiversal, with SyFy. So maybe once I get those post out, I’ll have a little breathing room to write again.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Justin… I am in just about the same boat as you…. except that my blog was vacant for over a year. Oh well, I came across a post that I found helpful towards regaining focus and constancy. One thing I found helpful was to keep something called a “brainstorming” journal. This is for jotting down ideas I might like to explore in my blog. Another thing I find very helpful is to set a schedule for blogging whether it be once a week, twice, or more. Whatever works for you.

    So glad to see that you’re still here…. Debbie

  2. Well i’m pregnant and I just don’t have what it takes to keep another child I barley can take care of me and the little girl I have so ill have your baby

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