About Me

The name you need to know is Justin V. Thats me, a young 24 year old guy from the sweet fields of North Carolina. I’m pretty laid back, and mature, but I have a nonstop sense of humor. I’m a jack of all trades, A degree in Molecular Genetics and BioTechnology but I worked for East Carolina University, as a Web and Production Coordinator for two years, yet I”m currently in Film School at FSU.

I’m just here to blog and get some of this stuff out of my head. I’m only child, and some of my post I’m sure will reflect that. I’m naturally an introvert, but for the greater good of situations, I’m usually the social extrovert, who’s mission is to make everyone else feel comfortable. I’m the nerd when you want to study, the ear when you need to talk, and always the token Black guy. I’m more of a homebody. Yes I know I’m too young to be a homebody. I like to read some, play video games, and I’m practically a music whore. Working out and eating healthy is a big part of my life, because I used to be pretty big. Sometimes I watch more movies in a week than most people watch in a month. I love life, and after 24 years, I’m just starting to enjoy it, for what it is.


10 Responses

  1. Hi Justin,
    I have got an interview call from FSU. I’ll really appreciate if you could tell me what kind of questions do they ask in the interview?

    If possible could you drop me your email-id at
    dot at dot

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

  2. email: ritvik dot mayank at gamil dot com

  3. oops .. looks like i’m really tensed about the interview :”)

    email is : ritvik.mayank@gmail.com

  4. Hey just one question.. you seem really smart but I have a question you might not be able to answer… how do you tell if your fiance is falling out of love and might not want to marry you?

  5. Lisa I have emailed you..

  6. I have questions, a lot of questions. I would love to go to the Film School at FSU. I am at a collegiate highschool where i will graduate with an AA and I am afraid that will hurt me while being chosen for the FS. Also are there any classes I could take that would help me stand out, or do anything possible that could help me? I have also heard it was an Indie film school or is it mainstream? It is a lot and I might have more so email if you dare :). nickiricci@mchsi.com

  7. Justin…I came across your blog when trying to find out about OCS. I still have many questions about it, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me. If so, drop me a line at: MasterChief22222@yahoo.com

  8. Hey Justin, I just stumbled on this blog. Your from Rocky Mount NC? No way man! I’m form Bunn NC, small world

  9. Hi Justin! great article about HOW TO KNOW IF A GUY IS INTO YOU… I enjoy reading your article! Keep up enlightening and sharing stuffs with us! Thanks!

  10. so, i’m in high school and i’m having troubles knowing if this guy likes me or not. He sits buy me at lunch, and we talk all the time. I read your article about how to know if a guy’s into you, but guys at least in my class are way more um, thoughtless about what they say and do. He talks to me about stuff from hating the science teacher, to sex jokes, and child hood stories.

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