About This Blog

First let me start by exlplaining what this blog isn’t.  This is not an online journal or diary. I’m not going to give you a day by day recap of my life.  Sure there will be days, when I write about things that happen to me.  This will not be a blog, that will be be devoted to something particular, ie a Apple Blog, Music Blog, Gadget Blog, etc.

What this blog is, is a collection of ideas, thoughts, experiences, advice on a wide range of topics.  You’ll soon find everything from male grooming tips, rants about life’s disturbances, predictions on future trends, current cannons of life… a simply unfocused yet specific plethora of things.

As my blog evolves so will this page.


10 Responses

  1. thank you for your comment.
    it s the first comment on my blog.

  2. hey i ran across you on the internet, read that you had been interviewed at FSU. any word back? I applied also, but haven’t heard anything.

  3. i meant i interviewed also.

    end edit.

  4. Eric.. No I have not heard back either.. They said by May… Ummm it’s April 30th… AHHHHHH.. Good Luck. Where do you want to go?

  5. I’m hopeful for FSU, still haven’t heard anything though!

  6. Justin, I called FSU today to ask about the holdup, and they said that due to the graduate office being re-modeled, the selection process has been pushed back a week or more.

  7. ERIC, thanks.. MAN shucks.. I need to know.. Cause I also got into UNi of Miami (the newst upcoming Film school).. I really don’t want to send them a non-refundable 250 deposit, if FSU accepts me(Where I really want to go)…

  8. ERIC–Letters went out YESTERDAY..!!!


  10. 🙂

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