The TJOJ: The Makeover Edition

Dear Faithful Readers,

Change is upon you. I’ve had my old theme and set up for about a year now, I think it’s time for a new look, a new feel, a new start. Sometimes you just gotta shake it up. Note new title and color change.

I no longer have an official “BlogRoll”. You will notice that have divided up my blogroll into several categories; Writers, The Wits.

Dont like where you are. Scream at me later.. Got suggestions send them my way.

I have officially Pink and Kim to the Blog roll. Welcome Gals. TT was added & another helping of Kevin.. and Unfortunately We’ve lost a few, due to deletions or long extended breaks.

I’ve also added a few new widgets to the blog.–Clouds, Stats

There will also be come content changes on the TJOJ. I’ve never posted videos and I’ve only tried to digg one story. Both of those aspects shall change as well. I’ll be taking on some different issues. You’ll also notice a slightly more edgier, cynical Justin in the coming weeks as well.

Questions, Comments, Verbal Abuse?


Belated Blog Bday

Take that 4th grade English teacher who said I would never get alliteration. BOO YA

I just missed my Blog’s B-day a couple of days ago. It been a nice year 1 even with the hiatus.

So let’s summarize:


185 Views in 1 day was the max.

92 Posts


2919 Spam comments

84 Categories

5 Tags

I’ve met some incredible people and bloggers; Kevin, Dame, Heather, Sean just to a name a few.  (Pink and rkaber you guys aren’t on the blogroll yet..dont’ worry it coming) which leads me to my next comment.

I think it’s about time for an upgrade, a change. Stay Tuned..

So happy B-day Blog, Daddy J loves you..

Just don’t call it a comeback!

I won’t even utter the words or phrase, cause as soon as I do, it’s jinxed. We’ll just say, I’m here.

Well over the Christmas break, just opened up Word and started typing, and 30 mins later I had nearly 3 pages of stuff that just came out of now where. A sense of peace came over me. I realized that writing and or blogging is very good therapy. It’s not a new years resolution, but I’m going to try to write again. Ill find the time somewhere, even if it’s 4:00AM in the morning or whatever.I can honestly say that I”ve missed some of you and you know who you are, and Im sure I’ll have a ton of toliet-blogging to catch up on. Some of you I’ve actually found myself thinking about you during the day. I never thought I would admit that, but it is the truth. It’s just goes to show you the power of words and more so the personalities that are displayed through them.Gonna try to new things up here as well.Be good and if you cant be good, be good at it!!!

ZzZzZz.. I’m not sleep!!

 I’m so bored. I’m sitting here in this umm presentation PRISONtation.  Someone please let me outta here.  We are all being talked down to, on the most easiest of tasks.  Every one is so quiet, I don’t think half of the people in this room are alive.  It’s times like these. that makes me wonder if one can actually die from boredom.  That would be a horrible way to GO, right?  Not as bad a dying of syphilis, but still..

 Ahh, yet another technical difficultly. Hmm figures..  Whew– a break from her voice.

 (2 mins later)

 She did not just make fun of Southerners, with a “directions joke”.  1   2  Wait for it….  3– Cue the crickets..

The only slightest cool aspect; the presenter has a slider counter on the screen.  Sigh–only 65 more slides to go. I think I’ll just ask the guy on my right, to make sure my puddle of drool doesn’t short circuit the keyboard, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe I should hit his power button to cause some co-motion.(get it… No… Loser)

National Maroon & Orange Day

By special request via email and throught internet messages from VTech students and parents, Friday April 20th is being marked as Maroon & Orange Day. So pull out your Maroon and Orange. Wear it proud, wear it strong. Today I will rest my Pirate Purple and Gold. Because…


Let’s Go Hokies!!!

5 Things About Me..In Haiku

Good ole Heather tagged me. So I’ll play along.. Seems so intersting. Remember 5-7-5


I am twenty-three

I am the youngest person

Where I work at now


Music is my life

It is very eclectic

Makes my life go all around


My Mom and Dad split

When I was just a young lad

It was long ago not sad


Since I have to tag

Someone its really only

Four things about me


Oh I will now tag

From up north DragonMommie

It’s a Game go Sean

Oh Phobia Oh Phobia

Wow, I  don’t think I have been this long without blogging ever.. LOL.. Super-swamped week.. Anyhow here’s a list of Phobias I have.  Please feel free to comment or share any of yours.  Fortunately for me, none of these truly hinder my life.

Gerascophobia–The fear of growing old or aging.

I know man has been searching for the fountain of youth forever. I don’t wanna live for ever, I just don’t want to get old. I wanna stay young and active. There’s just something about getting old that worries me. Maybe its the lost of mobility or lack of endurance.

Phalacrophia– The fear of becoming bald

Yeah I really don’t want to go bald.  I won’t wear a fake hair piece or get plugs, but man, can I please keep my hair.  Both of my grandfarther on my mom’s side went bald, so I guess there is no hope for me.

Belono-Ommataphobia – The fear of sharp objects sticking you in the eye.** This is the combination of 2 phobias)

I seriously have issue this this one. I constantly walk around thinking about this. I don’t like walking in metal art galleries and such. Places with glass ceiling are extremely scary. I don’t think I’ll ever have contacts, even though they are plastic/glass.  Horror movies with eye injuries freak me out.

Soteriophobia– The fear of having to depend on other.

I know this stems from being and only child, issues I have/had with my father. I just like handling my own things. I don’t like depending on other people to come through for me. It’s too unpredictable.

Atychiphobia – The fear of failure.

It’s sorta what keeps me motivated. To give up is to fail, and I don’t want to fail.  I’ve always placed this pressure on myself to succeed and excel and with that, there’s always that little doubt, that things might not go as plan. But if you rework, retry, you can always avoid failure.