Things I Do that Aggrevate People..


— When jogging, I like to make special trips through fast food restaurants parking lots. I won’t say anything to potential customers. I think my very presence, speaks on them on many levels. Once in a while,  a car will pull out of the drive thru, most likely over come with with guilt.  What?? I can’t help that’s it own my jogging course.

— I wave hello to random people, that I don’t know.

— Sometimes I walk to the beat of the music, and (sometimes I silently have a soundtrack in my head)


— When I sneeze, I say: “Excuse me, Bless Me, Thank you”.  Cuts out the middle man.. If I said “You’re Welcome” then I would be considered sorta weird

— I used plastic-ware, so that I will never technically have to do the dishes, because technically I never dirty up any dishes. Saves water right?


-If driving, and you go to sleep on me, I’ll slam on breaks and start screaming

-If in the passenger side, I normally attempt to strangle myself at the stop lights

– If in the back of car, I will rock the car at the stop lights, by grab both “Oh SHIT” handle and shifting my weight


–If I’m asked how many sets I have left, I usually give an super high number like 15

–I switch the Time Elapsed to Time Remaining, so that people wont stand behind when my time is almost up.


Out of Gas…

Hi all, 

Well some of you may have read about, or experienced the recently gas scare with Hurricane Ike, and the shutting down of the refineries in Texas.  Well I am here to inform you all that my city, Tallahassee, FL has ben affected the worst by this.

We did make National News, from Yahoo and the Associated Press, about the prices that some of the gas stations hit here in Tally. Some places going as far as 5.50 per gallon of gas. You can read the entire article here. Hurricane Ike felt from a far.. 

But unlike most please around the US that suffered from this scare, we haven’t recovered yet. WE BARELY HAVE ANY GAS in the city. Seriously each day, there are maybe 3-4 gas stations across the city that have gas for a couple of hours if at all and then that’s it. They only have regular Unleaded(so if you have a luxury car that “requires” Premium, you are out of luck. Most of my classmates are riding on fumes, and will not be attending class because they can’t.  I need to take a picture, but all of the stations remove their prices from the signs and wrap all of the tanks in yellow caution tape.  Apparently if we don’t get gas soon, we will make national news again for this fiasco most likely rioting will ensue.. 

For once I wish i was exaggerating. This is absolutely insane. Even the big boys such as Sam’s Club and Costco, can’t get gas the city to the consumers, how can the BP’s Chevon’s do it. 

I personally just so happen to fill up last Wed before this, just on the whim, that well I needed gas. I am bless to have done so, but my tank in my car(I love my Honda), is only but so big. It’s scary to actually see how dependent we have become on gas, and how big is plays a part in our every day living.


What do you do…

What do you do when…

You try your hardest, but nothing seems to work, nothing as at all.. All attempts to connect fail and fall short..

What do you do when..

You put your all of your heart into it and its still not enough and live everyday in an ache

What do you do when…

When you go untouched, unappreciated, unloved

What do you do when…

You don’t want to give up, shouldn’t give up, can’t give up,  but you don’t know where else to go, or what else to do, or who else to talk to.

What do you do when…

When the close are distant, when the friendly are cold, when your rock is sumerged

What do you do when…

Want to cry, shouldn’t cry, can’t cry

What do you do when…

You want to find peace, be given peace, be at peace

What do you do..

I Heart Hurricanes

No NO really I do. I’ve been waiting for a decent Hurricane to hit ever since I moved to FL. We received 0 last year, up here in the Panhandle, which by the way did I mention is really more like South GA, as far as weather goes( it snow for about 5 mins last year).  The Hurricane season is reaching it’s peak and things are finally starting to get exciting again.  Tropcial Storm aka Boomerang Faye actually came up the coast and hit Tallahassee..WHOOO..  I know it was only a tropical storm, not a true hurricane and we only got 3 days of rain, but some decent flooding.

In fact is flooded so much that some of my classmates were on the Weather Channel and, actually had to stay with me for about 7 days. Hi JOHN CONTORE… Yes I can now add ” Shelter to Refugees to the list of my chariable work for the world.

Anywho, with Hurricane Ike is already a Cat 4 with a few more days to go, before it his the lower part of the peninsula (some where around Miami), people are all in a flutter here. They don’t know where is will go after that, maybe up the coast to Tallahassee.. Old Hurricane Hanna is headed for my home, in the Carolina’s.. Moms not ever at at worried.. We’ve seen and experience our fair share of Hurricanes.. believe me.

I know, I’m crazy, I’m sick, think of me as a current day radical Storm Chaser.. just without the ummm chasing.. I’m more of a wind guy myself. Something about high winds excite me. I’ve never been a big fan of Hurricane parties but they can be rather interesting esp when people from the far North, or Midwest are going through their first hurricane…. Precious…

So YEAH… bring on the STORMS.. and go Noles..

Quarter Life Crisis

Hey all the day is finally here. I’m 25, the big Quarter and the Quarter life Crisis can begin.. I think I need to trip to Vegas, to deal.  I know someone out there has timeshare!!!!. (OMG is that a grey hair..)

There are so many things that one could sit down and pick out in their life, that aren’t what they expected to be, I mean I could, If i wanted to be all depressed and sad, and get all EMO on you. But I look at it totally different. I try to look to see what life has given me thus far, and what I want it to give me in the future.

So wow I can’t believe I’ve been here on Earth, for 25 years, it just sorta seems crazyl.. I’ve grown so much over the past couple of years and more so over the past of months than I ever could have expected to. For a few moments the world seems sorta surreal and I try to think about Life, before and after this point.

I’m not a Life+Lemons= Lemonade kinda guy I’m more of a Lime+ Life = Margaritas.. Don’t settle for good, make it GREAT.

OK People you know the drill..

Size 34 Waist,

Large in Shirt,

Size 13 in shoes(dont want to here it),

I look good in Baby Blue, Orange, & Green

I love Best Buy and Circuit City

Gym Items are always welcomed..

All Money Gifts, will go to the Feed the Hungry College Kids Fund of FL..

Onward to 30….. err I think next year when I turn 26, I’m just going to stay 26 until I’m 30. Seriously

Record Breaking May…

Indy 4 came within 2 million of breaking the Memorial Day Record, Gas Prices hit an all time average High Record, and you know what else… I hit an all time record on my blog

Someone just had their best month ever in the blogging world…Me

Yup that’s right, I hit an all time of 3,020 hits. Destorying the old record of 2400 a few months ago.

I also had the an all-time weekly high of 727 hits.. WHOO hooo..

I would like to thank you all for hitting and reading the blog. If I can’t inspire you, motivate you, or cause you to think about something differently, then I hope that you can at least get a bit of amusement out of some of my postings. I’m in the mood for some blogging, so hit me with suggestions, if you have them.

Vitamin Water: The Female Gatorade

Vitamin Water, aka V-DUB. Drink It. Love It. Tote it like you mean it. V-Dub, seems to be growing in popularity lately. An increasingly large number of women are drinking V-DUB, and slinging it back in style. I dont’ if anyone has noticed but Wal-Mart as of late has taken a liking to V-DUB, most stores now have what I like to call the the Liquid Rainbow. And for a buck each you can beat that, it’s cheaper than a 20oz SODA..

So exactly what is up with Vitamin Water. Why is it so attractive? People see Vitamin and think good for me, and they see Water and think good for me, so V-Dub is like drinking something that’s really really good for you, right.. LOL..  Its a better alternative than say Cola and Juice. Do all the super ingredients really live up to all the hype? I’m not here to attack that…not to day at least.

Couple with the fact that the bottles are stylish with the colors and the “super ingredients” each one contains, the V-Dub line with their tongue tingling names are a bunch of sexy drinks.

I’ve been drinking the stuff since 2005, a few bottles here and there, after I ventured to NYC. It wasn’t until I came to film school that, I began consuming V-Dub in large quantities. I don’t think I can function some days without it.

It’s just something about carrying around a pink(Focus) or orange (Essential)–(my favs) bottle of liquidity goodness that just cause people to stare and go “hmmmm”. I will tote my pink drink with pride, and will be sexy, because well I’m drinking sexy in a bottle.