What do you do…

What do you do when…

You try your hardest, but nothing seems to work, nothing as at all.. All attempts to connect fail and fall short..

What do you do when..

You put your all of your heart into it and its still not enough and live everyday in an ache

What do you do when…

When you go untouched, unappreciated, unloved

What do you do when…

You don’t want to give up, shouldn’t give up, can’t give up,  but you don’t know where else to go, or what else to do, or who else to talk to.

What do you do when…

When the close are distant, when the friendly are cold, when your rock is sumerged

What do you do when…

Want to cry, shouldn’t cry, can’t cry

What do you do when…

You want to find peace, be given peace, be at peace

What do you do..


Quarter Life Crisis

Hey all the day is finally here. I’m 25, the big Quarter and the Quarter life Crisis can begin.. I think I need to trip to Vegas, to deal.  I know someone out there has timeshare!!!!. (OMG is that a grey hair..)

There are so many things that one could sit down and pick out in their life, that aren’t what they expected to be, I mean I could, If i wanted to be all depressed and sad, and get all EMO on you. But I look at it totally different. I try to look to see what life has given me thus far, and what I want it to give me in the future.

So wow I can’t believe I’ve been here on Earth, for 25 years, it just sorta seems crazyl.. I’ve grown so much over the past couple of years and more so over the past of months than I ever could have expected to. For a few moments the world seems sorta surreal and I try to think about Life, before and after this point.

I’m not a Life+Lemons= Lemonade kinda guy I’m more of a Lime+ Life = Margaritas.. Don’t settle for good, make it GREAT.

OK People you know the drill..

Size 34 Waist,

Large in Shirt,

Size 13 in shoes(dont want to here it),

I look good in Baby Blue, Orange, & Green

I love Best Buy and Circuit City

Gym Items are always welcomed..

All Money Gifts, will go to the Feed the Hungry College Kids Fund of FL..

Onward to 30….. err I think next year when I turn 26, I’m just going to stay 26 until I’m 30. Seriously

Me to the H power

I think I just created a Meme. Take a Letter of the Alphabet and see how many words you can come up with to describe you. If you’re really good, each line, should have the same thing in common. Here is mine with the Letter H.

Hunky, Hung, Handsome, and Hump-able ,

Honorable, Humble, Honest and Hug-able,

Hysterical, Hypnotic, Humanized and Hopeful,

Hip, Hyper, Hoaxer, and Hungry

Hairy, Husky, Hypergenic and Hued

African American Vs Black

Hey it’s Black History, and for the next 28 days it’s going to be shoved down on your throat like sappy dramatic Miramax movie during Oscar season. Might as well start it off with a little bit of controversy and discussion.

So there’s an ongoing debate of what exactly BLACK people SHOULD be referred to as, an what they WANT to be refereed to as. On one side you have Black, which to some people simply describes the pigment of someone’s skin. Often times people who prefer this label, consider African American an incorrect term, usually projecting the idea, that their parents, nor their grand-parents, came from Africa directly and the term African-American doesn’t fit.

On the other side you have African-American, a label that embraces their heritage, and what they currently are, and for some it displays what so many people fought for during the Civil Rights Movement. Yet someone people dislike the term, but it’s carries a double standard and seems to be a catch all for so many groups of people. And of course you have people that just don’t care. Some will argue that African American is more PC, is a stronger label than Black.

I generally never refer myself as African American, I normally go by Black (even though I’m a coco brown, I kid I kid). Actually if I could have my way I would go by Black American. I’m Black and American, simple. Things are never that simple.

I never did/have/or probably never will understand all these rules about race and ethnicity. There seems to be a double standard no matter how you flip it.

Why is is that we refer to some groups by where they are from? Anyone from China, Japan, Vietnam, etc are all consider Asian, because they are located in Asia, YET, a Russian, is either considered White or Russian, yet Russia is in Asia too. Shouldn’t the same rules apply to Russians, as they do to other Asian, or even so to Africans. But see there’s a difference between Africans and Blacks/AA if you didn’t already know.

Yet for black people, it’s all comes down to skin hue. We all get grouped in the African American label, regardless if we are from Africa, Jamaica, or even places like Trinidad, or Barbados.

One of my classmates in Film School is from South Africa and she’s white. She’s actually from AFRICA and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t put African American on any form. Why not? Cause of the hue of her skin, not where she comes from..

How do feel, what do you think? What do you prefer?

If you’re aren’t B/AA how do you refer to this group of people?

How do my ____Fill in the blank____ readers feel.

Please, any and everyone feel free to comment and throw your two cents in!

Tagged: Eight Dirty Secerts

I’ve been tagged by the little kissing bandit, Dame. (cheeky monkey)

Okay, so here be the golden rules:

*We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

* Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

* People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Justin’s 8 Dirrty Secerts/Fun Facts

I eat Chapstick

One Testicle hangs slightly higher than the other

I shave my armpits

I’ve been completely DRUG FREE for life

I started masurbating in middle school

I have to look at my poop before I flush it

I can not for the life of me Sleep Naked…

The smell of mustard can cause me to vomit.



I tag Heather , DMKimPink ,  Reed  , 25,   Seanbe , Bukol



24th Year in My Birthday Suit



24 years, ago on a hot humid summer…ok ok I won’t go there..

My birthday as Corinne pointed out yesterday is positioned perfectly among the year. It’s approximately 6 months after/before Christmas, which always meant, Justin could have a BIG birthday gift and a BIG Christmas. It’s perfect LOL. Did I mention how much “June Babies” rock!! Not into the “signs” but I’m a CANCER, a big’ole crab, sexy I know…

Okay that’s enough self-promotion from me today..LOL

Okay so my buddy Kevin aka(WHORE) also shares the same birthday as me(IT”S MINNNNNNNNNNNE, ), so be sure to stop by one of Kevin’s Blogs and wish the guy a happy birthday as well.. He’s only 20 years older than me, so give the guy a break ok.. He’s Pretty Fly for A White Guy

It’s amazing how birthdays affect you mentally. Last week I was looking in the mirror and freaking out that I actually looked a little older.(what?? I was having a moment!!). Birthdays always bring me to a state of self-conscience and reflection. I think about all of the things I’ve done, haven’t done, how big the world is and how little I’ve actually lived, baring such a young age. Today I’m actually thinking about, life ahead of day. Houses, jobs, family, what I want to be remembered for. Even though my life is extrememly crazy at the moment, I think that for the most part I’m happy and healthy and  I really can’t ask for much more than that.

Ok We Return to Justin’s Shameless Self-Promotion..

So what are ya’ll getting me.. My Pay Pal account email is justinrav@Hotmail.com (donate NOW!!!) and here’s a link to Circuit City and I wear a Large shirt and 34-36w Pants/shorts, size 13 shoe(don’t wanna hear it), I look good in Blue, Orange, Brown and the newly discovered Yellow, I like to eat healthy, I love Apple and and and…

I really really want someone to dress up like M. Monroe and sing me Happy Birthday. Anytakers..

Hello, Hello, is this thing on?…


 Integrity…at the end of the day, sometimes it’ all you got.

You know people can say what they want to say, and you know what they will. “So-n-so dresses nice, acts goofy, smells, So-n-so has no sense of style, is not that hot,  is somewhat dorky, is pretty smart etc.” Personally, I really don’t care about those things, as long as at the end of the day, people can say good things about my character.

It’s more important for people to say “There’s Justin, he’s dependable, he’s honest, Justin is a man of his word, he’s genuine, he always does good work etc”.  So in a sense, I’m less concerned with what people think ABOUT me, and more concerned with what people think OF me. I hope that makes sense.  I want people to have good things to say about the things that make me, me.

Your integrity should be the thing you protect the most about yourself, an aspect that you try to improve upon the most, as it affects nearly all aspects of your life.  It molds and shapes what type of lover, friend and worker you are, it affects how you interact with people, how you perceive people and how you treat people.

We have to stand for something.  We talked about Branding at work today and personally I want my own personal Brand.  I want to be able and go in and leave my mark on anything that I touch and people will know what to expect.  Gotta bring the A game as they say. Bring it all day, every day.

Have you done anything to improve upon your integrity today?  If not.. CHOP CHOP