When Jealously shows its face, it’s always ugly, very ugly.

Wiki says: Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values.

I think for some , they can’t deal with their own inadequacy. It stems from insecurity and low self-esteem. They feel that they aren’t good enough, or worthy of you love and attention. These feelings only fester and eventually they manifest into stronger and more violent emotions likes anger, and hate.

Their own insecurity or bad self-image makes them think badly of themselves, if this person is in a relationship they begin to wonder what their significant other sees in them. They will second guess themselves on why their sig. other will stay with them or leave, and of course they fear that their sig. other will find some one who is “better”.

You should remove yourself from the jealousy types. Relationships with these types of people are unhealthy.

Soon you will find yourself conforming to behaviors, that only have been approved by your Jealousy Other half. When you have to 2nd guess your actions, words, thoughts, in order to avoid the slightly rise in jealousy, I think you reevaluate your relationship. When having lunch with a friend becomes an interrogation, when a night out with the boys/girls become more of a chore than enjoyment, when much needed alone time is questioned, I think it’s time to ask yourself this question;  Is this how you want to live?

Of course, communication is the key, but when that fails and it can’t be worked out…RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


Things I Do that Aggrevate People..


— When jogging, I like to make special trips through fast food restaurants parking lots. I won’t say anything to potential customers. I think my very presence, speaks on them on many levels. Once in a while,  a car will pull out of the drive thru, most likely over come with with guilt.  What?? I can’t help that’s it own my jogging course.

— I wave hello to random people, that I don’t know.

— Sometimes I walk to the beat of the music, and (sometimes I silently have a soundtrack in my head)


— When I sneeze, I say: “Excuse me, Bless Me, Thank you”.  Cuts out the middle man.. If I said “You’re Welcome” then I would be considered sorta weird

— I used plastic-ware, so that I will never technically have to do the dishes, because technically I never dirty up any dishes. Saves water right?


-If driving, and you go to sleep on me, I’ll slam on breaks and start screaming

-If in the passenger side, I normally attempt to strangle myself at the stop lights

– If in the back of car, I will rock the car at the stop lights, by grab both “Oh SHIT” handle and shifting my weight


–If I’m asked how many sets I have left, I usually give an super high number like 15

–I switch the Time Elapsed to Time Remaining, so that people wont stand behind when my time is almost up.

Random Laws of the Land

Here are a list of random laws from the from places that I have lived and/or planning on moving too.

North Carolina: Home State

1. Persons in possession of illegal substances must pay taxes on them.(so what is the tax on LSD, and Coke again?)

2. Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields.

3.Severing Alcohol at a bingo game is not allowed.

4. If a man and a woman ho aren’t married go to a hotel and register themselves as married, then according to state law, they are legally married.

5.It is unlawful for two people of the opposite to sleep in the bed together unless they are married.(includes brother and sister)

6. It’s iilegal to have sex in a churchyard.(I wouldn’t be worried about going to jail for this one I’d be worried about ending up someplace else)

Florida :Current Residence

1. Doors to all public building must opwn outwards(I constantly test this one)

2. It is iilegal to kiss you wife’s breasts

3. You are not allowed to fart in public after 6pm

4. Men may not wear any kind of strapless gown in public.(sooo…. straped ones are ok?)

Cali: Future Residence

1. It is illegal to molest butterflies ( I don’t even want to know WHY this is a law)

2. Bowling on the sidewalk is illegal.. (Dang, seems like fun)

3. Peacocks have the right of way to cross any street…

4. You are not allowed to used you own restroom is the window is open.

As you can realize, most of these laws are unforced. I will say that in NC, recently a deputy Sheriff, got fired, for living with her boyfriend, which technically is against the law. Her boss, the County Sheriff, was the epitome of OLD SCHOOL CONSERVATIVE, in regards to laws.  So do you have any county, city or state laws, you would like to share?

PS. In Cary, NC, there’s a city regulation, against the color orange and red. YUP McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A all have this Green-Blue Sign, instead of their trademark colors and logos.

Quarter Life Crisis

Hey all the day is finally here. I’m 25, the big Quarter and the Quarter life Crisis can begin.. I think I need to trip to Vegas, to deal.  I know someone out there has timeshare!!!!. (OMG is that a grey hair..)

There are so many things that one could sit down and pick out in their life, that aren’t what they expected to be, I mean I could, If i wanted to be all depressed and sad, and get all EMO on you. But I look at it totally different. I try to look to see what life has given me thus far, and what I want it to give me in the future.

So wow I can’t believe I’ve been here on Earth, for 25 years, it just sorta seems crazyl.. I’ve grown so much over the past couple of years and more so over the past of months than I ever could have expected to. For a few moments the world seems sorta surreal and I try to think about Life, before and after this point.

I’m not a Life+Lemons= Lemonade kinda guy I’m more of a Lime+ Life = Margaritas.. Don’t settle for good, make it GREAT.

OK People you know the drill..

Size 34 Waist,

Large in Shirt,

Size 13 in shoes(dont want to here it),

I look good in Baby Blue, Orange, & Green

I love Best Buy and Circuit City

Gym Items are always welcomed..

All Money Gifts, will go to the Feed the Hungry College Kids Fund of FL..

Onward to 30….. err I think next year when I turn 26, I’m just going to stay 26 until I’m 30. Seriously

Put Down Your Checklist.

I hope everyone had a happy Single’s Awareness Day aka Valentine’s Day. I’ve I had time to think and process most of the pre-V and post-V day conversations, feelings and emotions. I’ve come to realize that we have glamorized love and relationships to the point of absurdity. We have become so caught up in our personal checklists that, in an effort to find someone that has all of the requirements and standards, that we missing out on some really amazing people, experiences and feelings.

So I’m saying just stop over-thinking and over analysing people and situations. Stop being so picky and so defensive. Just let the feelings and emotions come and deal with them as they do. I’m not saying don’t guard yourself. There are things to talk about or consider before embarking on an emotional investment that you think will go past Lust. BUT don’t try to plan out the rest of your life from Day 1, things will happen.

It’s the imperfections that you fall in love with. It’s the annoying laughs, the nervous fidgeting, the way they play with their hair when they talk to you, the way they look at you when you smile, their weird eating concoctions and habits, their fanaticism with their favorite artist/band, their love for vintage tee, or the fact that they are 5 inches taller/shorter than you.

Instead of spending a lifetime searching for someone Prefect, you should look for someone perfect for you, and finding someone for you isn’t something you can get on day one, it’s something you grow into. It’s a journey, and adventure for two. If you don’t like getting dirrty(yes more than one r, didn’t Christina teach you anything) then you need to rethink your life, cause Love is messy. PERIOD.

So.. JUST LOVE.. Yourself…Them… Me…


Collecting Coke Caps

Coke Caps

I’m known as the Coke Cap Guy at school,(gosh people do have to name everything). I’ve been collecting Coke Caps for several months now. What once started off as a selfish observation and goal to rack up on goodies has turned into a volunteer effort that’s catching fire. I am now collecting Coke Caps for the homeless. I use the points to to buy t-shirts that will go to shelters. I’ve been donating about 80-90% of all my points to this cause. I’ve kept 15% to get myself little keepsakes like a key-chain and cap, but I’m over that stuff now.

We go to school on a Coke Sponsored campus, which makes this process a little easier(All the drinks are COKE). It was this fact and the fact that all we seems to drink on set it Coke, that I decided to capitalize on this cola mine. Well if we are going to drink it, and the caps are going in the trash, might as well make the most of it.

Each cap with worth 3 point.

12-Pack box lids are worth 10 points

24- Pack box lids are worth 20 points

The only catch with the website, is that you can only enter 10 codes a day. So the we can earn as little as 30 points a day, and upwards to 200.

The cheapest T-shirts have been running at 160 points. Coke changes the products and there is a limited stock on some items, but we are trying our best.

So if anyone would like to send me Coke Caps/Or Box Lids I would deeply appreciate it. If you drink Coke Products(Coke, Powerade, Lemonade, Dasani, etc) regularly and can muster up a decent stash, I’ll be willing to pay for shipping. If you but them by the 12 pack, you it’ll be easy to drop the code in an envelope. So please anyone interested in helping, please let me know.

Update: 2/22/08–I still need more caps/boxes..

African American Vs Black

Hey it’s Black History, and for the next 28 days it’s going to be shoved down on your throat like sappy dramatic Miramax movie during Oscar season. Might as well start it off with a little bit of controversy and discussion.

So there’s an ongoing debate of what exactly BLACK people SHOULD be referred to as, an what they WANT to be refereed to as. On one side you have Black, which to some people simply describes the pigment of someone’s skin. Often times people who prefer this label, consider African American an incorrect term, usually projecting the idea, that their parents, nor their grand-parents, came from Africa directly and the term African-American doesn’t fit.

On the other side you have African-American, a label that embraces their heritage, and what they currently are, and for some it displays what so many people fought for during the Civil Rights Movement. Yet someone people dislike the term, but it’s carries a double standard and seems to be a catch all for so many groups of people. And of course you have people that just don’t care. Some will argue that African American is more PC, is a stronger label than Black.

I generally never refer myself as African American, I normally go by Black (even though I’m a coco brown, I kid I kid). Actually if I could have my way I would go by Black American. I’m Black and American, simple. Things are never that simple.

I never did/have/or probably never will understand all these rules about race and ethnicity. There seems to be a double standard no matter how you flip it.

Why is is that we refer to some groups by where they are from? Anyone from China, Japan, Vietnam, etc are all consider Asian, because they are located in Asia, YET, a Russian, is either considered White or Russian, yet Russia is in Asia too. Shouldn’t the same rules apply to Russians, as they do to other Asian, or even so to Africans. But see there’s a difference between Africans and Blacks/AA if you didn’t already know.

Yet for black people, it’s all comes down to skin hue. We all get grouped in the African American label, regardless if we are from Africa, Jamaica, or even places like Trinidad, or Barbados.

One of my classmates in Film School is from South Africa and she’s white. She’s actually from AFRICA and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t put African American on any form. Why not? Cause of the hue of her skin, not where she comes from..

How do feel, what do you think? What do you prefer?

If you’re aren’t B/AA how do you refer to this group of people?

How do my ____Fill in the blank____ readers feel.

Please, any and everyone feel free to comment and throw your two cents in!