No-Return DVD = Awesome

I happen to stumble, on what I believe to be a brilliant, trendy idea. Meet the No-Return DVD Rental.

No Return DVD

I mean, how many times has this happen–You rent a movie, you get really busy, you don’t watch the movie, then its due back, but you still wanna watch it, and you promise yourself you’re make time, then before you know it… dum dum dum Late Fees, you still haven’t watch it, and now there’s like 10 more movies you wanna see.  Even if you have Netflix or Blockbuster, it still happens. I mean personally have had two Netflix DVD’s sitting on my dresser for 3 weeks now…(just not getting my money’s worth, with my schedule). Like all people, we get busy and things come up,etc.

So how is the No-Return DVD system different as well as better.. Let me count the ways…

The beauty of this system, is that I can watch the movie when I get ready. I don’t have to worry returning it, or late fees racking up. It’s like the Cheaper Netflix or Redbox( you Know those large RED machines at Wal-mart and other various places that sell rentals for $1.00)

The DVD is completely 100% recyclable (YAY  GO Green)

I think it’s better than Redbox, because hey, there’s no late fees!!!

Now the catch…yes well there’s always a catch.  Once you open the DVD and break the special seal, the DVD is only good for 48 hours.(ahem I did say rental…you can’t keep them for ever ppl) So even the people that it takes multiple sittings to finish a movie you can still get it done. I can set my Depp here on the dresser and watch him in a week, when I have a break from my Thesis, worry free.

I picked up a bunch of these little things for 0.99 cents at Staples today.

Hats off to the ppl of Flexplay…well played….well played